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Whatever sort of finance you need, at ACE Lending Solutions, we’re ready to help!

Whether you’re buying your first home, investing in property or refinancing, when it comes to choosing a finance provider, we work with you to plan ahead.


Having your finance pre-approved before you make your purchase can give you the confidence that the price you are looking to offer will be supported by your lender. In this way, pre-approval can give you an edge in a negotiating situation.

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In order to get your application together, we’ll need you to supply us with some information. After you’ve made initial contact with us, we’ll ask you to fill out a three-page form which will provide us with a basis for your application. Once we have this, we’ll come back to you with some options (based upon what you’ve asked us for). At this point, if you decide to go ahead, we’ll need some further information from you, but that will depend on the lender and type of loan.

Conditional Approval

This is when the lender comes back to us to let us know that dependant on certain conditions, they will approve your loan.

Unconditional Approval

The lender is now satisfied with the information we have provided and are willing to lend you money.

Document Preparation

Once the lender has unconditionally approved your loan, they will issue you (or your solicitor) with documents which need to be completed and then returned to them.

Ready for Settlement

The lender will be in touch with your solicitor to organise a date.

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